Founded as a family-owned company by Certified Agricultural Engineer, Mehmet Demir in Salihli county of Manisa in 1996, Sardes was known with its special products of high quality in a short time and globalized.

From the viewpoint of our founder, Mehmet Demir who integrated information, expertise and vision with fertile soil, cultural heritage and hardworking people of the region and his family, agricultural production is not only a business, but also a life style. His wife, Figen Demir takes charge in the management and operations actively. Moreover young members of the family are brought up with academic education and concurrent practise which shall contribute to company's development.

Concentrating on the production of sun-dried tomato in the early years, Sardes became the leading producer and exporter in Turkey by specializing in all stages of this product including planting, harvest, production and packaging in accordance with the global market's quality standard varying according to country and region, and palatal delight, intended use and consumption habits of the market.

Sardes diversified both its product and processing method within years with the same vision and included new tastes to its product range. With types of pepper (roasted, salted, marinated, canned, IQF) being in the first place, types of grilled vegetables, products in oil, sauce, salad and Bruschetta, stuffed grape leaves, capers and many types of organic-certified products and packages, it took its reliable place in the global market for both food industries - restaurant / catering and retail consumption.

Our company attends the international food fairs regularly for the purpose of representing and promoting itself globally and cooperating and exchanging information with the industry's global representatives.

Quality applications of Sardes aiming at the best production and service were accredited by the international quality institutions (IFC, BRC). Our company follows up the innovations in product range and production techniques continuously and realize them through designing with a sense of high quality.

Sardes will bring the products of Aegean’s fertile soil to your dining tables in the most natural, healthiest and most delicious form with its respect for nature, human and labor.

95% of our products are exported. The countries to which we export are shown in the following image.