Human Resources

The growth of SARDES GIDA from the foundation date to the present owes to its employees for their trust in our institution, ambition and energy. In order to meet our human resource need, we evaluate the applications made via our corporate web page or work with the consulting firms depending on requirement of the position. Information of the candidates is kept in our data base at least 1 year from the application date in order to be evaluated for suitable positions.

Internship Application:

We also provide our students the opportunity of doing internship. Summer-period internships are between June and September and for the students of vocational high schools and university. We contact with the students who are chosen as a result of the evaluation process and their schools.

The applications for summer-period internship which are made only via our web site till April 15 of every year are accepted.

You can send your c.v. as word file together with a short cover letter including job title to [email protected]