Production & Activities

  • GREEN HOUSE (Seedling production from seed)
  • PLANTING (Making contract planting of the seedlings)
  • FIELD TRACKING (Controlling irrigation, pesticide and fertilizer use)
  • DRYING (Sun-drying the salty, sulphurous and organic tomatoes)
  • COLD STORAGE (Keeping all of the sun-dried tomatoes and delicate inputs in cold environment)
  • FERMENTATION (Fermenting and keeping the vegetables under suitable conditions for their use throughout the year)
  • PLANT PRODUCTION (Processing the sun-dried tomatoes in the plant with modern machine park and producing canned and fermented products)
  • ANALYSIS AND CONTROLS (Control-accreditation through sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological analysis within the firm and verification with external laboratories)
  • R & D (Researches for new product and production conditions)
  • STORAGE & LOADING (Storing all prepared products under suitable conditions and loading them to transportation vehicles).