Chronological History

1996/ Foundation:Founded in Salihli county of Manisa. The major area of activity was production and packaging of 'sulphurous and low-moist' sun-dried tomato under USA standards.
1996 - 2001/ Specialization:Switched to product diversification by specializing in all production stages from seed to end product on the basis of "Contractual Agriculture" and producton of 'salty' sun-dried tomato started.
2001/ Direct Export:Sardes started to promote and export its products diversified in the specialization process to global markets with ...its name.
2002 - 2004/ Growth - Sardes Ltd.:Sardes moved to Salihli Organized Industrial Zone, increased its production capacity to meet the increasing demand and switched to limited company status institutionally. Besides, Sardes enhanced its product range with the production of various vegetables, canned food and fermented pepper.
2005/ Organic Production:Accredited by ECOCERT and started to offer its organic products.
2005/ International Fairs:Globalizing due to its increasing production, product range and quality, our company started to attend the international fairs for global promotion and cooperation.
2006/ Quality Certificate:Certified its management and production quality with BRC and IFS accreditation.
2008/ Facility Extension:Close are was increased to 7,200 m2 for a more efficient production.
2009/ Reyka Konserve (Sister Company):Under the leadership of our founder, Mehmet Demir, Reyka Konserve started to operate in Saruhanlı, Manisa as a company with four partners for the purpose of increasing production of canned food to meet the demand. Pepper products in big packages are produced mainly for out-of-home consumption demand.
2014/ New Depot Building:To meet depot need, our new facility was opened in Salihli Organized Industrial Zone on a total area of 24,000m2 consisting of 4,000m2 close area and 20.000m2 open area. Active production area was increased to 3,500 m2 by adding 2,000 m2 depot area to the production area because of this reason.
2014/ Renewal of Machiner Park and Capacity Increase:New lines were set in line with the technological changes, 80% of our machiner park was renewed, so capacity was increased by two times.