Why Sardes?

Because it's not only business, it's life style...

  • Sardes is not only a business on fertile soil of Aegean presented to us, but also a life style.
  • It's the greatest sun-dried producer in Turkey and specialized so much that acting modestly regarding this issue will not be proper.
  • It is an enterprise founded by a certified agricultural engineer who has significant expertise in agricultural production.
  • It is on a strategic location in which İzmir, a harbor city and all needed inputs can be reached comfortably.
  • It has an important growth potential and manoeuvrability. It has the opportunity of growing easily and diversifying according to customers' demands and needs. 
  • It used above-mentioned potential in organic production and grew by 100% within 10 years after starting production in 2005.
  • Tight control and traceability are applied in all operations and processes.
  • Its safe food production systems were certified as BRC and IFS and assured.
  • It is experienced, active and effective with regard to different markets, needs and tastes in the world.
  • It is the contract manufacturer of many international brands.
  • In addition to being able to produce in various package sizes for both retail and wholesale, it can prepare bulk products for producers.
  • It is a reliable partner for both its customers and suppliers.